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Print satin ribbons

Expand your offer by printing decorative satin ribbons to accompany your compositions:

Create customized satin ribbons in seconds!

Our XL200 printer benefits from the exclusive RibbOnDemand features to make it easier for you to print personalized satin ribbons:

In 100% stand-alone mode, you can:

  • Print your text in 2 dimensions (ideal for 25 to 40mm).
  • Choose from 6 different fonts
  • Print an image among 35 models built into the printer
  • Exclusive RibbOnDemand features: you set the length to print yourself to precisely adapt the length of your ribbon to the nearest cm!

In Software mode, you can:

  • Print satin ribbons from 20mm to 110mm
  • Use all the fonts you want
  • Integrate all the images you want
  • Customize the composition of your ribbon

You can enhance your flower arrangements with personalized messages for all occasions and develop additional income!