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Discover RibbOnDemand

RibbOnDemand is a division and a brand of the company BUSITEL SAS specialized for almost 30 years in industrial inks and printing industry.

We have used our know-how as well as that of leading partners to meet an increasingly important need: the customization of products on demand and in-store.

The LaBoutique printer is the result of 2 years of development aimed at offering an efficient and economical solution for personalization in stores.

All our work has been focused on the following points in order to make our printer usable on a daily basis:

  • Easy-to-use (100% autonomous mode or very easy software, no adjustment, ultra-simplified ergonomics)
  • Print quality (Selection of inks and substrates)
  • Versatility (printing on many substrates).

Today we provide a tool allowing you to offer something really important to your customers: a unique product, just for them!