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The perfect printer for flower shops


Print funeral ribbons, decorative satin ribbons and adhesive labels with one printer!

Discover the range of functions and advantages of our RibbOnDemand® XL200 printer

What can I do with the printer?

print funeral ribbons

Print funeral ribbons!

print labels

Print labels!

print satin ribbons

Print satin ribbons!

How does the printer work?

Our XL200 printer has been developed and improved over the years to make it as simple as possible to use.

Our printer is hybrid: 100% stand-alone or use it with our extra simple software!

You can use the printer in 2 different ways:

  • 100% stand-alone: you don’t need a PC, tablet nor software. Everything is integrated into the printer. A simple electrical plug is enough.
  • With our RibbOnDemand software: connect your printer to your computer and increase the possibilities of personalization with our ultra simple software (more details at the bottom of the page).

Our printer is very simple to use!

It can be used by everyone and without difficulty thanks to its advanced ergonomics: interface available in different language (English, German, Italian, Spanish and French), no settings to make and ultra-simple menu: as soon as the printer starts, you can choose what you want to print. Then you just have to let the printer guide you!

The XL200 printer is guaranteed for 2 years with return workshop support if necessary!

Why is our printer different?

Our XL200 printer has innovative and exclusive features, which makes it truly unique!

RibbOnDemand® technology

Our LaBoutique printer has exclusive RibbOnDemand technology: you can print your decorative border and your text at the same time, while precisely defining the length to be printed.

No settings to make!

Our LaBoutique printer automatically detects the media you are printing and adjusts itself.

You can freely switch from adhesive labels to satin ribbons and vice versa. No matter what color your media is in, the printer adjusts.

No settings is necessary, no calibration. Everything is automatic!

Our free RibbOnDemand® software

Download our RibbOnDemand software for free and increase your printer capacities:

  • Use all the fonts you want
  • Import images
  • Compose your ribbon as you wish
  • Print several ribbons simultaneously to go faster and reduce your costs: you can print 3 ribbons of 10mm or 2 ribbons of 15mm at the same time thanks to our special guides.