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Print satin ribbons and bolducs

Enhance your packaging by personalizing your ribbon

Create and print satin ribbons in seconds!

Our LaBoutique printer benefits from the exclusive RibbOnDemand features to print bolducs and satin ribbons very easily.

In 100% stand-alone mode, you can:

  • Print your text in 3 sizes (ideal for 6mm to 25mm ribbon)
  • Choose from 6 different fonts
  • Print an image among 35 models included into the printer
  • Print ribbons with a “couture” effect and centered text for an exceptional result!
  • Exclusive RibbOnDemand function: you set the length to print and printer will stop automatically

In Software mode, you can:

  • Print satin ribbons from 6mm to 60mm
  • Use all the fonts you want
  • Integrate all the images you want
  • Customize the composition of your ribbon
  • Print several ribbons at the same time (3 x 10mm or 2 x 15mm)