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Print funeral ribbons

Our XL200 printer makes printing funeral ribbons easier and more complete thanks to many innovations:

We offer all standard features for printing funeral ribbons

Our XL200 printer has all the basic functions for printing your funeral ribbons:

  • Print your text on 1, 2 or 3 lines
  • Choose from 6 different fonts
  • Print a “signature” at the bottom of your ribbon
  • Printer stops automatically when text is completely printed

Print funeral ribbon with decorative borders simultaneously!

Our XL200 printer brings a great innovation: it allows you to print a decorative border and your text simultaneously when you use a neutral funeral ribbon!

This exclusive functionality brings many advantages:

  • Reduced cost: a neutral funeral ribbon is less expensive to buy and printing your border uses the same amount of ink ribbon as if you were printing text alone.
  • Reduce your stock: you can choose from 6 styles of borders and thus reduce your stock while increasing the choice for your customers.
  • Perfectly centered lines: Print funeral ribbons with 2 or 3 perfectly centered lines! No need to count spaces or the number of characters!
  • Better visual rendering: now you can have text and a border in exactly the same color. In metallic Gold but also metallic Silver or Black!

Print images on your funeral ribbon!

Our XL200 printer contains 35 images that you can print on your funeral ribbon for even more personalization and rendering.